KLARA Theoretical upper secondary schools

KLARA Theoretical Upper Secondary Schools are part of AcadeMedia, which is Northern Europe’s largest educational company. We are active throughout the education chain: preschool, elementary school, upper secondary school/high school and adult education. More information can be found at: www.academedia.se.

Moana Widell
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Lilly, elev ler framför kameran. Hon har på sig en gul tröja

Your journey begins here

Do you want an education where you gain future study skills, a social commitment and where you can contribute to a better and more sustainable world in an international context?

When you study at KLARA Theoretical Upper Secondary School, you get to experience the world that can broaden your skills for further studies. Within your education, you get different opportunities to get a global perspective. International exchanges during your education can mean that you can make study visits, learn new things or study abroad.

We have partners in Limerick, Loulé, Córdoba, Toulouse, Erfurt, Valetta, Milan and more. After your 3 years with us, you will be well prepared, dedicated and have study skills to enter other educations and labor markets outside Sweden!

Our internationalization plan goes beyond what you get in your chosen studies. At KLARA, we think globally and engage our students in international and global sustainable development.

After Graduation

You’ll have for example:

– An international network

– Knowledge of the EU and UN

– Certificates of your participation in international projects

– Motivation to continue your studies or work abroad

– Increased social and communication competence

If you want to know more, Contact the student counsellor at your local KLARA Theoretical school.


Our current projects

2020-1-SE01-KA101-077763, Erasmus+ Mobility school education, 77 jobshadowing mobilities for staff as consortia.

2020-1-SE01-KA120-SCH-092521, Erasmus+ Accreditation as consortia

Our mission plan

Our mission is to provide an education that helps our students succeed in life, no matter what or where they choose to work or study. Part of KLARAS ‘strategic plan is to collaborate with quality-assured partners to develop sustainable international partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We are very proud of our international projects that our staff and our students can be a part of.

Our KLARA Schools

• The first school was founded in 1996
• 12 KLARA Teoretiska Gymnasium is located in 8 different locations in Sweden (2021)
• 3,900 students
• 370 school staff